New Years Resolutions

  1. Learn to be a great dad. (]Think I can be, but let’s face it, I need practice.)
  2. Make sure Deird eats & sleeps after junior arrives.
  3. Work less hours but for more money. (This is actually quite a biggy- it means stopping working as I am, and doing something quite different.)
  4. Write more. (on this page, and elsewhere)
  5. Run more. (Have been a fair weather runner, and in Scotland, that means running for a few weeks in the summer).
  6. Recycle more, or at least, keep less (Deirdie and I are nesting, and we’re throwing away/recycling/passing on junk that has sat in cupboards for years. I want space!)
  7. Learn to play the harmonica. (OK, maybe not in 2007, but one year, and before I retire!)
  8. Manage to climb 6c climbs consistently. Sunday morning climbing at ‘Alien Rock’- can I get my saggy ass up a 6c? No. But I will, and some time soon. Although I haven’t been climbing frequently for ages, and need to again. 6a- no problem. 6b, at a push. 6c- no.)
  9. Practice my NLP (I took a course with Michael Christon of Enhance (Michael- free plug here- NLP business practicioner course- all good.
  10. Tidy my iPod music collection (currently, 32 days of continious play!) I’ve just packed away the CDs for this as part of the spring clean. Way too many CDs, they fit into two packing boxes, plus we still have some on display.


When running in cold weather, does it make sense to run in hat, gloves and shorts? I saw a fella run like that this week- it was cold and likely to rain, but really, shorts?

OMG. Six weeks to go!

I met up with Greg today, a friend who has been a dad for a year or so now. He has a son, Jake. His advice to me today was “pack a bag, now.”

Little Jake was born early. Early enough that he and his wife were cought unexpected, and off to hospital five weeks early. (I think it was five weeks)

So picture the scene- I could be sitting in hospital, with Deirdie, hoping to get to Mothercare before mum and Junior get home. Not good.

So, today’s question is: “What goes into a going-to-hospital bag?”

I guess I need to pack some clothes for Deirdie, some jamas, a wash kit, some food.. Anything else?

Save me from death by retail.

I like gadgets as much as the next man, but I can feel the object of my obsession beginning to drift. Gone are the sessions cruising eBay for obscure tech toys or lusting after the latest thing-ummy. I now seem to be looking up things for Junior. On this path lies madness. There is a whole army of stores trying to part me from my cash, all of them telling me their product is a must-have for little Junior. How do you tell? They’re preying on my lack of subject knowledge. Perhaps by child number #2 (with luck, and a little fun) I’ll be better prepared to distinguish the crud fom the essential- but for now, cancel my eBay account and keep me away from the shops and internet! Having said that, I’ve found stores that sell wicked T-Shirts. So far, seems to have the most extreme. I think I may have to buy the “daddy drinks because I cry”. I also liked one store selling “I love boobies” T-shirts- matching father and son sizes too!

Advice and knowledge passed on to me.

1. when changing nappies, breath through your mouth.

2. Also, with nappies, keep your fingernails short.

3. It is apparently possible to live on very little sleep. 5 hours a night seems typical for a new parent.

4. I won’t know what has hit me. (This seems to be the most common advise, and usually told me with a smile.)

5. Apparently, baby poo comes in a variety of colours, from black to yellow, and it’s perfectly normal!

6.  All babies look like a tiny Winston Churchill, except your own.

7. Baby first. Mum second. Dad last. This is the house pecking order to be. Accept it.

Wow. I never knew this

At a parenting class this week I learnt a weird fact. Apparently, it’s possible for men to breast-feed. I had no idea! The ‘breast-feeding’ specialist said that in one of her classes there was a fella determined to try it. Why? Each to their own I guess.  

 Anyway, for the overly curious,  here’s the link to wikipedia on the subject!

 I’ve decided. I’m not going to try this. Let’s face it, men with breasts is a bad look!