Aberdour Silver Sands II – Son of a Beach

A bank holiday weekend, and so we wanted to go somewhere. I loved our trip to the beach a couple of weeks ago, so we went back. 

We looked for another beach along the same bit of coast line, but nothing looked as nice as Silver Sands at Aberdour- the beach we’d found a couple of weeks ago.

What a great day. 

Aberdour Beach

Today we took Poppy & Joe to the Beach. The weather was great, and we found a really good beach to go to. Silver Sands at Aberdour.

I expected it to be colder, so we all went wrapped up well. The weather report said it would be 10c, however, the beach was really well sheltered, and in the sun. When we arrived I felt a little overdressed in my coat, when the family next to us was in t-shirts.


  • Paddled in the sea.
  • Explored rock-pools
  • Tried to fly a kite
  • Built sand-castles
  • Ate Sandwiches with real sand in
  • Dug holes in the sand
  • Ate ice cream  

Ah, a proper day at the beach. I’ve still got sand in my hair.