Joe’s Christening- Ireland

Here we go- Joe’s Christening weekend in 92 photos.  Joe was Christened in Deird’s local chapel, close to where she grew up. Family started to gather on the Friday/Saturday- Denise & Mark flew in, and Julie (Godmum) came over from Scotland, and  Oliver (GodDad) came up from Dublin with Lucy early.  My folks travelled up from the Midlands too. They’ve been adopted into Deird’s family I think.  

Saturday was taken with “collecting sticks for Granny” – which actually involved two chainsaws, a tractor and a gang of 10 or so. That’s a lot of sticks! Still, there’s enough to last for a few months.

We had a BBQ on the Saturday night, then onto the Sunday service followed by lunch at a local bar. The BBQ was great- except I put too much charcoal into the barbie and made it hot enough to melt steel. The first burgers would have been successfully flame-grilled in about 30 seconds. Fran and John stepped in as pro-barbie chefs and cooked the rest up. Thanks both.

At this point the night split into two groups- the group that sat out by the BBQ with their coats on, and those that sat in the house watching Soap Star’s got talent on the dancefloor or whatever the saturday night guff currently is. (Which group was I in- Clue- I was wearing a coat.)

I ended up eating too much, drinking too much and staggering off to bed late.

Anyway, here’s the photos from the doo.  Click on the more tag below. 


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  1. Great pictures, but where is Oliver & Dee?. Sorry about my balcony shots, your mum has a couple of good ones.

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