About me.

Well, I’m Nick. This site should have been nick.com- unfortunately Nickelodeon TV beat me to it, so it means I was not nick.com/ I started this site a 2004 to post photos of Deirdie (my wife) and I on holiday, and of us generally living it up in Edinburgh.

Later, somewhere in 2006 I started the blog because of Poppy, my daughter. When we were expecting her, with friends all over the world, this is the best way a nerd could think of to let people know how we are, and how plans are going without all of the phoning and emailing. Now with 2 children, I put updates and photos here to keep the family up to date.

So who am I? Well if you already know me then you don’t need to know, and if you don’t already know me then, well, you don’t need to know. Just accept I’m a bloke in Edinburgh, with a job, a wife, two kids and a computer.

Here’s some (less than interesting) things about me:

  1. I secretly hope The Goodies will one day reform.
  2. I’m still in love.
  3. I have way too many CDs, now packed in boxes, and ripped to my ipod.
  4. I listen to Radio 4- even ‘The Archers.’
  5. I want to be a cool Dad, and a grumpy old man, simultaneously.
  6. I once joined a circus.
  7. I once had a job where people tried to run me over 2-3 times a day.
  8. I did a degree at university, then never used it.
  9. I still can’t get used to asking for “heavy” not “bitter”.
  10. I can’t sit down when on the phone.

4 Replies to “About me.”

  1. Hi Nick,

    DO you have any photos of E’s birthday last year? I’m doing an end-of year update for the rellies and remembered that you had some cracking photos of the kids in action.

  2. Nick
    I have a web site called http://www.QueensferryPassage.com which is a non-commercial site covering the history of the ferry boats that operated between North & South Queensferry. The web site has a gallery section and I am trying to add as many photographs as possible to the gallery. I note that you have 4 photographs connected with the ferries which if possible I would like to use. Could you give me permission to use them I would of course give you credit for the photographs and show a link to your web site.
    The photographs are in your Box No 03 – 1963/1964 gallery –
    03-092-1964-Queensferry @ Forth Bridge-Summer Hols-July64
    03-093-1964-New Road Bridge And Queensferry-Summer Hols-July6
    03-096-1964-Queens Ferry & The Forth Bridge-Summer Hols-July6
    03-098-1964-Ferry & Bridge-Scotland Summer Hols-July64

    Dennis Penny

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