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The first snow-day of the season

Andrew, Greg & I went to Xscape in Glasgow, for a bit of Skiing. I drove, Andrew settled down in the back with book. (They’re Poppy’s glasses btw)




I tried skiing for a while too. The kit fella asked me if I could ski. I said it had been a while, but yes (I skied for a week, when I was 12, on a school trip, and haven’t been on skis since). Could I control my turns, and stop? “Sure” I said. Standing with my skis on at the top of the slope, I started to question if it was one of my better ideas. Andrew gave me a quick refresher at the top of the slope, right before I fell flat on my face.  After a couple of runs, I was kinda doing ok- or at least, I wasn’t falling over on every turn. Think I’ll stick to boarding though..