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A long time ago, in a place far away.

My name is Tony and I am Nicks Dad.

I have been impressed with all the pictures etc on Nick’s site, and as I too have quite a large photo collection I felt that I would like to do something similar. As I do not have the web skills Nick has offered me space on his site.
My collection of photographs comes from both sides of the family, two or three early ones are professional photographs from the late 1800’s-early 1900’s.
Then from the 1930’s came the era of Box Brownie that was used by our parents, a lot of the photographs were on the fuzzy side, but because of their larger format were mainly quite acceptable.
In the 1940’s the advent of the 2nd world war made filmstock very scarce, so the quantity of photographs was not available.  On my side of the family we only have one or two studio pictures and one from school.
From the 1960’s my pictures were taken in 35mm format, the first were black and white, then come the early 35mm transparencies.  These  first colour films had a speed of ASA10, which later on was increased to ASA25, early Kodak colour films produced very red and very blue colours, over time the colours and film speed gradually improved.
All my pictures have been scanned and  digitised, and a number  have been modified in Photoshop, as some of the old colour filmstock has been developing a colour cast.

The format will be:

Our grandparents
Parents (their weddings) – and our childhood pictures.
First pictures of us as a couple.
Then progressively photographs through the years.

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