Joe & Deird’s Big Weekender- 25th Wedding Anniversary

OK, I got a little trigger happy with the camera, and ended up taking hundreds of photos over the weekend- about 2-3gb worth. If anyone wants a full-res version of any of these photos here, let me know, and I’ll send you a disk.

BTW- there are nearly 400 photos here. It’ll take ages to go through.

[nggallery id=21]

3 Replies to “Joe & Deird’s Big Weekender- 25th Wedding Anniversary”

  1. Nick,
    I enjoyed the pictures, looks like it was a good do! The picture quality was great, that is were I see the drawbacks of the shirt pocket camera, I do like your new lens, what flash are you using?

  2. Cracking photos Nick, would you have a spare flash drive knocking about? If you can send them to me I’ll put a photo presentation together.

    Was great to see you and the family!

  3. Super shots as always Nick, tried posting a couple to facebook but it only shows the first 26….or is is me doing something wrong (probably!)

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