Mark & Denise- The night before the wedding (Best of)

The night before the wedding was a party night. Time for everyone to get together have a drink, and meet each other- often for the first time. Denise and Mark gave everyone name badges, and an open bar. The party went well. Here’s some of my favourite photos from the night.

The band

For one night only- Rough Country reformed.

Just like old times- except I didn’t have to keep feeding Denise G&T before the gig!

And the next generation of Rough Country?

And the crowd goes wild!

Unfortunately, The band started to lose their sound..

Then the floor cleared.

And cleared some more..

Even some well tuned air guitar didn’t bring ’em back.

Until John and Kev save the day.

And the crowd, eerm, Pogo’d?

Even Mark!

Eugene soooo wants to sing- that look in his eye is pure mic envy.

Here’s the two responsible for the wedding, in a way. Mark & Denise met at their wedding. Mark was Andy’s best man, Denise was the wedding crasher.

Denise is on the Right.

Joe gets ready to give Denise away.

Perhaps I should have told her she’d lost her camera…

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  1. hi there its puissing it down here i think there is a really bad weather front off the coast brewing for the last few days but we have managed to get faily good tans already. very little to do here but eat i can manage it because i have the peden gene but make is feeling that his stomacvh has shrunk………… not from where im sitting it hasnt. my phone has run out of battery and i thought i had packed my charger but obviously not so all communication to nicks phone oops marks phone marks phone. the hotel is lovely but Hau hin is a knocking shop loads of old men and really young thai women…… would give you the dry boke.

    we saw the wedding pics this morning loved the comments below the photos they are super shame anns didnt come out there would have been a few good one in her lot. Mark i think got bored as they were maily of our ones hee hee.

    We should be home on the 2nd may yippee this lying around sand drinking coctails for free may i add is a chore……. not. how are tyhisng there not long now Deird unless you go early but then your having a C section arnt you good luck with that and if you see sinead Mc Nally who came to the wedding Tell her it made my day seeing her there.

    off now to see what ones husband is doing left him in the little bar reading book number 5 show off as is still very cloudy and wet. weatyher hopefully will pick up
    see you soon e-mail or text Mark with any news.

    Lots of love
    Deni XXX

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