Hello & Welcome

Hello & Welcome to my recipe book. I’ve been trying to organise recipes into one place for years. Some are on my computer, some are photocopies in books, and many are in one of the several million books I’ve bought, and only use one page.

How many good recipes does a cookbook need to justify itself- and does the cost of the book have any effect? If I spend a fiver on a book, would it be ok to just use one? Two? what does a good recipe cost? (Answers on a postcard to…)

Over time, I’ll collect the recipes I use in to one place, and let anyone who wants to, find them. I think I’ll end up putting a bunch of external links on here too- to other sites that have good content on.

Most of the recipes on here I’ve tried, and can personally recommend- although there’s a few that I have just collected for the hell of it, such as jugged hare or lamb’s head! You need to keep a few odd recipes like that for posterity!

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